Kartini-Kartini di Polandia (Edisi 10)

Elizabeth Ichiko, Bachelor Degree Student at University of Warsaw.

I am a third year Bachelor student, pursuing International Relations at the University of Warsaw. Having such international background, I am able to speak three and a half languages (Indonesian, English, German, and a bit of Dutch), to add I am currently learning Polish as well. My studies require me to know a lot on international affairs, therefore I like to spend my time attending public seminars or conferences and eventually get involved in Model United Nations (MUN). I have attended 9 Model United Nations conferences as an organizer, delegate and director. Despite being the best procrastinator as well, I am active within my university faculty as I am involved in the Students Union, have become the Head Delegation of UW Delegation for KrakMUN2017, and currently am organizing a Public Debate event. Furthermore, I have done my internship at the ASEAN Secretariat in the Political and Security Cooperation, and became the Master of Ceremony for the ASEAN Intergovernmental Commission on Human Rights (AICHR) event. In life everything should be in balanced, so despite being active in academics, I am also active in sports; whether it is in the gym, running or playing basketball. I feel very grateful and blessed to have such opportunities, but I believe that without the preparation and hard work not much could be achieved.

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