PPI Polandia's Afternoon Talks with AIESEC Indonesia in Warsaw

After one and a half year of its re-establishment, PPI Polandia has shown its positive trends. Those trends are not only about the participation of PPI Polandia towards PPI Dunia or taking a stage in RRI Indonesia (the state radio network of Indonesiaactively, but it is also about the increasing number of its active membership. In this new academic year, the member of PPI Polandia has reached 40 students which are dominated by undergraduate students and followed by graduate students. Another positive trend that have made by PPI Polandia is the establishment of a memorandum of collaboration with AIESEC Indonesia in some projects; one of them is the AIESEC Indonesia Exchange Programme. Interestingly, this memorandum was formed during the 1st PPI Polandia’s Afternoon Talks, or so-called “Ketemuan Yuks!” on Sunday 24th of August 2016, where two representatives of AIESEC Indonesia also have poured their thoughts in this knowledge sharing session.

The Afternoon Talks began with a highlight movie of Rudi Habibie, and followed by the preamble of Vice-Chairwoman of AIESEC Indonesia regarding the Rudi Habibie’s movie and the Spirit of Indonesian Students. The discussion was getting more unputdownable since everyone wants to share their own perspectives about the meaning of leadership, academic knowledge and their ideals for Indonesia. For instance; the Head of Education Division of PPI Polandia 2016, Indera, revealed his academic knowledge on Material Engineering and the Habibie’s Theory. By the same token, the former president of PPI Polandia 2015, Teguh Ilham has spilt his thoughts out in respect to leadership and development of the nation. As he claimed  that “As long as we produces the benefit of cherishing others and being a truepenny! It has contributed to the development of our nation.” In sum, the knowledge sharing session has wrapped up with the collaboration’s agreement of PPI Polandia and AIESEC Indonesia as well as a photo session.

Miłego Dnia — Salam Perhimpunan!

Watch the video below to get the visual information! (Sorry, no English Subtitles) Stay tuned for more videos of PPI Polandia’s knowledge sharing.  

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